31 Jan, 2017AI Chatbots

Speech Recognition in Artificial Intelligence

Speech recognition has now invaded our lives. We have it in our phones (Siri, Google Now), our computers (Cortana) and even in our homes (Alexa).

26 Jan, 2017AI Chatbots Infographics

Retrieval-Based or Generative Models? Choose Wisely!

Do you want to differentiate between the two types of models in chatbots so you can create your own chatbot accordingly? Read!

09 Jan, 2017AI

What are Attention Mechanisms in AI?

Attention Mechanisms in Neural Network is one of the latest advancements in the field of AI. They are based on the real human visual attention mechanism.

26 Dec, 2016Tech

Reasons Why You Should Start Using Chatbots for All Your Chores

Things get easy when you incorporate chatbots in your daily lives. Don’t believe us? Allow us to change your mind. Here are the reasons why you should handover your chores to these cute little things we call bots!

17 Dec, 2016Tech

How Artificial Intelligence will Revolutionize the Tech Arena

AI is here to change everything and even the tech arena! You can expect to see some new giants and some becoming former. Here is how it will change the Digital Playground

15 Dec, 2016Tech

Chatbots to Save the Day!

Chatbots will change many business models and will be a useful tool for small business owners. Entrepreneurs will take advantage of this technology and it will help them excel.

15 Dec, 2016Tech

Chatbots VS Apps?

Since chatbots are all over the news and tech scenario, there are mumbles traveling around the tech industry that they are going to replace applications. Are they? From booking Uber to building websites, chatbots are doing all the work.

15 Dec, 2016Tech

Chatbots: What’s Next?

Bots have their space inside the Messenger apps but soon they’ll have places of their own. There are chances that there will be master bot who will be able to handle all your daily tasks efficiently. Think about this, just one bot, replacing 10 apps. Excited?