31 Jan, 2017AI Chatbots

Speech Recognition in Artificial Intelligence

Speech recognition has now invaded our lives. We have it in our phones (Siri, Google Now), our computers (Cortana) and even in our homes (Alexa).

26 Jan, 2017AI Chatbots Infographics

Retrieval-Based or Generative Models? Choose Wisely!

Do you want to differentiate between the two types of models in chatbots so you can create your own chatbot accordingly? Read!

09 Jan, 2017AI

What are Attention Mechanisms in AI?

Attention Mechanisms in Neural Network is one of the latest advancements in the field of AI. They are based on the real human visual attention mechanism.

08 Dec, 2016AI Chatbots Tech

Things To Keep in Mind Before Creating Your Own Chatbot

The reason of this chatbot revolution is that we have always wanted our machine to talk to us while performing our tasks. It is pretty easy to depend on bots because they are efficient and fun to talk to. Having bots in your life makes tasks less of a hectic.

07 Dec, 2016AI Chatbots Tech

Developing a Chatbot? Here are 3 Best online tools to Start with!

When people who don’t have any coding skills usually think about creating a chatbot they get scared with all the coding stuff that is required to create one. But there platforms that provide easy chatbot development.

06 Dec, 2016AI Chatbots Tech

AI – The Benefits and Risks!

If the “bad guys” succeed in creating such evil system then we are doomed, but aren’t we living in the possible threats even right now?